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Can not download Windows Live Messenger. Or is there a way of going to two accounts at atime on messenger beta?
I have downloaded windows live messenger beta, and after realising that on that messenger I can not go on two accounts at a time, I wanted my old windows messenger live back. I unistalled all programmes to do with messenger on handy uninstaller first, restarted my computer and updated. Yet it still won't let me install it! I shut my computer off and turned it backon and updated, checked again and again if any programmes to do with messenger are still on my comp...and there isn't. I've checked and done so many thing allready it's not funny.

Please! Is there a way I could get my old messinger back...or is there a way to go on two accounts at thesame time on windows live messnger beta.

Please help me! I'm really frustrated :/



it seems you are talking about the add on PLUS
windows live messenger NEVER had the option to log on more than one account at the same time

➪PLUS live
❣don't support the sponsor❣

once installed
log on WLM
click on the PLUS icon
enable the mulitmessenger option




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