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Need help with Windows Vista...Please!!?
I have recently started college, and I am taking online courses. My school has a "detect computer settings" thing that you have to do to be sure that your computer is compatible. I have Windows Vista Home Premium as my OS. However, when I run the dection test it tells me that I have Windows NT. As far as I know, that is a much older version of Windows. Has anyone seen this or know how to fix this problem??


Well the problem could be your configurations. Check all your configurations and check again after connecting the comp. If everything looks right, the system may not recognize the vista server.


Windows Vista IS Windows NT, as is XP, 2000 and ME.

Don't worry, its just the way detection works.

Now, if you have a problem connecting, best tell the school to check it up, because it is their fault if something is wrong with the code.

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