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Why does no one like Windows Vista?
Because it makes your system slow and I've read on many authentic forums and blogs that windows xp is more secure than windows vista.


From what I've read up about it, it's big brother under cover of a sparkly interface. It's designed to enable software and media manufacturers to control the way you use their sofware and media. This means if you buy an song, for example, they could decide it could only be played on one media player and they could even decide they didn't want you to listen to it at all. There's nothing you could do about it and Vista would back them up. This method can apply to any software or media and Vista makes it much easier to enforce. Just look up "Trusted computing" or "DRM". In my opinion it's very dangerours giving a company like Microsoft so much power. Imagine only being able to run Microsoft approved software and hardware. That's what Vista will bring. They're calling it "added security features" - for them, not you.
my god, after i read the comments of people i was so surprised because i didnt think know how bad Windows Vista is.

I just heard that it's the latest and i thought that therefore it should be great and i wanted to have it. But after i read these comments, well never mind, i dont want Windows Vista anymore. Smile.. hehe


you can get them.. only when its SP2 is out.. but for me, im sticking to my darling XP Pro Smile
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