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Why does no one like Windows Vista?
I am getting a new P.C this week with Windows Vista Ultimate, I have been been told it is very good, why knock it? before you try it


Vista is very slow,It needs very high configuration.
The most important thing is that it does,nt recognize Usb drives and many Softwares like Nero


I guess it could be nice, but my biggest problem with it is the amount of CPU and memory that it wants to hog. If I have a nice processor, I have it to do stuff other than run the system.
Vista needs high graphic card , high RAM and everythinh high and if u keep the minimum of all those some programs and games just dont run because Vista uses it all


because you cant use peer to peer programs like limewire and also lots of other programs and games dont work on vista
it is absolutely rubbish to say such things that no one likes Windows Vista. u can go ahead.
All the best.
People are slating it cos its new. Its bound to have a few gliches, but Im sure XP did when it first came out, and look how successful that is. I dont think it should be slagged off until people have actually tried it.
Well in Australia it costs $893.00AUD for Windows Vista Ultimate. Thats two morgage payments for an apartment worth $200,000. ITS TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!
Because Microsoft have given control of Vista, and therefore your computer, to corporate interests in Hollywood and beyond. Functionality can be disabled remotely by companies like Disney and Universal without your knowledge or consent, and you can even lose control of your own media, again without your consent. Vista is an anti-consumer OS and should be avoided at all costs.


You are correct.
Most people have never used it & its human nature for some (NOT ALL ... I can see all the thumbs down votes already) to knock something because they can't or don't have it.

It makes them feel better about having to live with an older version of Windows.

That said ... I've been using it for a while now & although I think it's great & I really like it I am rather annoyed & concerned about certain facts explained in this article :

What's on my PC (non Microsoft ) is none of their business .....
Read this article & be amazed & what we've come to.

"Vista's legal fine print raises red flags"

Philip T

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