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Facebook privacy settings :/?
I have changed my facebook privacy settings to friends of friends but im still visible in public search Sad and thats creating a mess ..
i have rechecked it many times and once i also deactivated it and then tried reactivating the facebook account but no help. Then they said , try using a casual name instead of a different one ..tried that as well Sad still no use .. i have removed my likes from covers of my fb frends , tried rechecking the security , etc ..tried everything buh no use :O
please me guide me out ! Sad
I'll be grateful , thanks , God bless <3


You don't want to visible in public search. right? Then disable the public search.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click the down-arrow beside home and then choose privacy settings
3. Beside ‘Ads, Apps and Websites’, click on edit settings
4. Beside public search click on edit settings
5. Click the check box to either enable or disable public search
6. Click ‘OK’ and your done



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