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Windows live messenger auto-accept files help!?
My windows live messenger automatically accepts files for some reason, when a friend send me stuff i get a small popup in the corner of my screen (http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z15/X...titled.jpg ) and i have no say in accept or reject, sure i can cancel but i wanna resolve this, help please!


Counds like a fault or something you have agreed to. Assuming you have gone through the options then all you can do is uninstall and then reinstall.
If that doesnt work you need to remove registry files as well. (do this by downloading registry removal tools)


OK You are using the Windows Live Messenger addon - Messenger Plus Live, which has a function to automatically accept downloads.

If you click the messenger plus icon (usually has a ! on it) and click options/settings, then one of the options would be to turn off the auto accept.

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