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How do I submit a Microsoft Publisher document on Turnitin?
I need to submit a landscape brochure I have made in Microsoft Publisher onto my university's submission system called TurnItIn.
However, TurnItIn only accepts files in the format of:
MS Word (DOC, DOCX), Acrobat PDF, PostScript, Text, HTML, Word Perfect (WPD) and Rich Text Format
I have tried to save it as a PDF but because my file is landscape, it is only showing some of my document on the page in portrait form and I can't figure out how to get it to go landscape.
PLEASE HELP me, this is due tomorrow!!


Try adjusting some of the options when you save it as a pdf so it saves landscape. Depending on how you're saving it changes things. If you do a 'Print as PDF', then change the settings in the print options. Saving or exporting usually will take the direction/dimensions of the document. The last hail mary will be to us a web-based PDF converter. Do a search for 'convert to pdf' and you'll get a bunch of options.




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