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micromax q5 or nokia 5130 is better?
which mobile is better micromax q5 or nokia 5130


nokia is the best.... micromax is a waste mobile..... no softwares will install in it......


well depending on what your into, if your a daily texter, then go with the micromax, but of your into better photo quality of 2mp plus a built in mp3 and radio and camcorder with an extendable memory card slot which comes with a 2 gig memory card, go with the nokia. personally, Nokias are real dependable and their battery life is superb,and an overall better phone when compared to that of the unknown brand micromax q5
micromax Q5 is one of good phone I saw in this low budget, but still you can't compare micromax brand with Nokia.

So, If you wish to use good basic entry level phone go for Nokia 5130 & If you expect to get experience of qwerty, messaging, SMOs (FB, chat n all ) in lesser money with good front end display...go for Q5.




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