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Facebook question.....?
How can someone still view my profile even after I adjusted the privacy settings and restricted my profile to friends only?
Anyone can view my profile as long as we have a mutual friend..
Is there a solution for it?
Facebook has become a total invasion of privacy..
Thanks in advance.
smily .. it's friends only and it's not working


setting > privacy > Profile information - Then turn all the options to Friends only. Not friends of friends.

Really then I don't know that sucks for me to I dont want people seeing my stuff. we should all complain to facebook.


sara7a facebook is becoming really stupidTongue i had some problems too.. no one could see my profile for 2-3 days..still don't know why
in Profile Information put all your setting as: Only friends and in the section of Contact Information too
bas im pretty sure you already did it...

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