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Microsoft Excel Question?
In Microsoft Excel
if i type 2-5 or 2/5 it automatically changes into 5th of January
How do i change it so it is normal
thank you for answering

If you write any stupid stuff i'll erase it and make you lose points by the help of my 27 other yahoo friends.


Right-click the cell and change the cell format to Text or General


Right-click on the cell.
Select "Format Cells" on the drop down menu.
In the first tab (which reads "Number"), select the type of text you want it to be.

If you're trying to enter a date, select Date, and then you will see a list of options for the date format.

If you're just trying to enter free text which you do not want to change or conform to any format, select Text from the options. When you select Text, you can enter anything you want in the cell and it will not change.

Once you've made your selection, click Ok.

Another point to note: if you want to apply this format to the enter sheet, or to an entire row or column, or any group of cells, you can select those cells (or ctrl+a will select all cells) and then right-click on the selection, and follow the above steps. That way you won't have to repeat this for every cell.
You got more than one option:
1- Before you enter the number, type '
Which is the character that will tell Excel to treat this cell as text
2- Add a space, before the number, Excel will assume you are entering text and not convert it
3- Do the Format > Cells > Text thing
4- Do a formula like

The 4th option is rather weird and not widely used, but I am using the 1st one

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