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One and only purpose of facebook is to invade privacy, agree?
Facebook isn't the only way to contact people, by using facebook, you use electricity, so it's not really free. You can have a free conversation face to face. Facebook = electricity use = money payment, facebook is not free and never will be. I think the one and only purpose of facebook is to invade privacy. It's just a massive database with personal information.
Created by a man who sold his friends out and called facebook users "dumb f*cks" for trusting him with their information. I wonder how facebook can even exist after everything that's happened.
I can say that. I am talking about PRIVATE information being sold without permission. It does force you to do some things that aren't necessary.


facebook is just a waste of time because people only want to be friends with you on it so they can be have a look threw your page


Well it's kind of more 'used for connecting to people around the world'. You can't really say "one and only purpose of facebook is to invade privacy." or call anyone checking out your profile online a "stalker" because the person who's profile it is, they choose to put that information on their profile. It's not Facebooks fault that people are being "stalked" for all those teenager and others, you guys put that information up there and Facebook doesn't force you to "PUT YOUR DOB, PUT A PROFILE PICTURE NOW!, UPDATE A STATUS!!".
No - it is a forum for people to blab all the intimate details of their dreary lives to whoever is interested - "dumb f*cks" indeed if they want to flaunt personal information across the internet without considering the consequences. It facilitates reckless behaviour, but can't require it.

Particiapation is entirely OPTIONAL - if you want to make Mr Zuckerman a rich fellow, by willingly giving him your private information, I think you will find that you have given him permission to do whatever he likes with it. He can't FORCE you to do anything.

Broadcasting intimate details is hardly an invasion of privacy - or pehaps you think we should legislate to protect minors and other people incapable of thinking for themselves.


In today's society, everything is via internet. You're also using electricity when you use the phone, when you turn on T.V when you use a microwave. You also have to pay to send letters, you pay for stamps etc. Your taxes pay for lazy scum to sit about and do nothing and for overseas people to come into your country and take advantage of everything we have. People can communicate face to face yes, but without social networking sites, or the telephone, how are you meant to arrange a meeting? For example, my best friend lives an hour away from me. Without calling we, or messaging her on Facebook, how am I supposed to let her know when I will be around her area? Facebook does not invade your privacy unless you make it do so. You can change your account settings to private, you choose to update a status, you choose what that status says and you choose what information and pictures go on there. None of the information you give has to be real. Using yahoo answers isn't free as it's using your electricity. In that case, nothing on the internet is free.
If you say it like that, then every other networking site is also like you say. Well, practically every site you go on the Internet.
Agreed, though it started with good intention.

It's the same for any social media network or process involving a technical gadget so we can't just pinpoint one. But it's because of these that we have encountered a variety of problems involving privacy.

Conversations are free face to face and i feel we are losing that art. But even conversations aren't always confidential. There will always be someone willing to share, then the next person will share a snippet, then another and so on.

Refer back to the way things were before internet shopping, cell/mobile phones, personal stereos etc. Life ran at a much smoother pace and it took years to design and make things that have helped shape our modern world. It's definitely food for thought.
I don't own a Mobile Phone don't use twitter what ever that is and block everything related to Facebook

I value my privacy so much i use 7 different email addresses

Like here on Yahoo No real Name age address or personal Information i don't care weather people believe i served for 38 years I have the documentation and the Medals and a Military pension

If you need to know about me Join MI5

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