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I have a serious Facebook question?
Is this funny about a girl, I am a huge Oklahoma sooner fan, but I made a fake sam bradford Facebook and this one girl plays soccer for Clemson, she sent me a friend request, I emailed her saying "You don't go to oklahoma, I won't accept you, you bandwagon jumper" and she wrote "I go to Clemson, I was born in Norman and all my family lives there", and I told her "well I won't accept you, you dont go to Oklahoma and you are not pretty either", is this funny about a girl?


You are rude, you need help, and you need a job.


Error. There is no such thing as a serious Facebook question.
Number one, you fraudulantly created a facebook profile. Secondly you used very poor taste in what you said to the girl. And thirdly, I'm glad you are not a Cowboy fan, we are better sports and would have more compassion for a girl who only wanted to be a friend of an outstanding Quarterback.


stalker. why the fuck would you make a fake facebook account just to degrade women? i would recommend a therapist, but she's my friend and i wouldn't want her to have to deal with a sick bastard like you.

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