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Help using excel microsoft?
I have Microsoft excel 2007 and im having trouble figuring something out. How do I make in so excel multiply Things to get somthing in another row. For example B2*A2=C2 and B3*A3=C3 so on.


A formula entry is as follows:
In cell c2 type =a2*b2
The value in cell c2 will be the product of a2 times b2.

Click Help in excel for an explanation of other formula formats.

Good Luck


First enter the data into the cells. Highlight the cell that the answer should be in. Then click on the formula tab at the top. Click on the button that says Math and Trig. Scroll down until you see product and click on it. Then a small window will appear to ask what cells the program is multiplying. highlight the two cells that you want to be multiplied and click enter.
Select C2. type in "= B2*A2" and then enter.
Then right click C2 and select "copy"
Then drag and select/highlight the cells where you want the formula repeated 2 eg C3 to C100. Right click anywhere on the selected portion and click "paste"
And your done.



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