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windows vista and dell comps?
whats the difference between windows vista and windows vista 64bit?
and any good dell comps??


Windows vista is of higher quality overall (i.e. less lagging). To run 64-bit I recommend at least 3gb hard drive in your comp.

Sorry I avoid dell.


The difference is the type of chip they are designed to work with. But a word of advice: Stay away from Vista like the swine flu! Vista is horrible for your computer. It's like if you go hiking and have a backpack full of bricks. It tires you out and to add insult to injury, you can't even eat or drink whatever is tiring you down. It is just horrible.
Microsoft's Vista operating system is a 32-bit computer operating system run in a single core processor, but can also run in a dual, tri-core or a quad core...

A 64-bit version of Microsoft's Vista operating system can take advantage of the multi-core (64-bit) hardware, trouble is currently not enough software has been optimized to run in Microsoft's 64-bit operating system...

To reap the benefits of a 64-bit operating system such as Windows Vista x64 Edition, you should invest in a large amount of RAM (4/8/16 GB or more) and be certain you are getting a 64-bit compatible motherboard.

I would wait and get a windows 7 operating system next March or April when all the fixes and real optimization has taken place at the main computer assemblers... Dell included...




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