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Facebook privacy help..?
I'm just wondering how you set everything on your facebook to be private to people your not freinds with.. I don't want people viewing my profile photos, about me or anything. It doesn't seem to have an option under privacy settings.. Could some one just give me a simple step by step. Id appreciate it. Thanks


each item has its own privacy setting... there is no way to just "make everything private" with a single click

this page explains all about the settings and what you need to understand to make the things you want private


go to your privacy settings then set it according to ur wish....................
Simple just go to your privacy settings then set it according to ur chice !!


Its not possible to keep each and everything private but most of your profile details can be made private like the profile picture, about, age etc. Just get into the privacy setting or follow the blog post. Have a nice day! Smile

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