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Help with FACEBOOK privacy?
I have a facebook and I have most all my family as friends I don't care who sees the things on my wall, except for my grandma, so is there any way to block her from seeing just certain wall posts? or do I have to just block her from seeing all of them? Thanks
Oh yeah, and I don't know how to add people as family show they show under my profile?
And I am new to facebook so I am confused, I didn't mean my posts I meant my comments on other peoples status, can I keep her from seeing those?


its a bit of a pain but every time you post something in your wall you will have to specifically block only her from viewing it


when u post a new status on ur wall..there is a drop down menu right next to the post button...click custom..and u can put ur grandma's name in there n she wont b able to c wat u posted...i hope this helped u Smile

if u want to block her from seein all of them - click the arrow next to the HOME button...on the top right hand side..click the arrow and click privacy settings..then u will c public friends n custom...click customs..n u can put ur grandma's name in the "hide this from..."
you want privacy on facebook-don't be on facebook
it's public domain anything you post is public
if you don't want your grandmother to see it don't put it out there



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