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Windows Vista?
I have two questions.

1) What is the difference between Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade and Windows Vista Ultimate? The second is more expensive, but I don't know why.

2) Does Windows Vista ultimate come with Microsoft Office 2007? Or do I have to purchase that seperately?


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Personally, I just got the Windows Vista home premium.

You can compare each version here though:


A bit of advice, make sure your computer has the correct hardware to support vista. Also, given that it's a new OS you may want to wait before spending the big $$ on Vista due to the fact not everybody is supporting it right now.
1) upgrade is for those who already have a Windows XP, Windows 2000 etc.
the full Vista is for those who have not bought Windows before.

Of course the 2nd one is more expensive because you have not have paid anything to Uncle Billm you definitely need to pay more to enjoy vista

2) Office 2007 is a separate product. You have to buy that too!


1) Ultimate Upgrade requires that you have Windows already installed on the computer. It will update the system to Windows Vista. Ultimate can be installed on a new or freshly formatted computer.

2) No, you have to purchase it separately. Or better yet, just download the free OpenOffice.org.
If you have windows XP you can upgrade it to windows vista Ultimate and this cost $259 but, if you don't have windows XP you need to pay for new Windows (vista Ultimate) And this cost 399 and so on
No doesn't come with it

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