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What are some generic job interview questions you have been asked?
I am going to several sales job interviews at the moment and I have decided from now on I am going to take a piece of paper with me with answers already prepared for common interview questions and just read the answer out when get asked the questions.

So firstly I need you guys to help me list common interview questions that you have been asked!


They ask me to tell them a situation in a job where I took charge and showed good judgement.


Do you have a good range of motion?
Where are you from?
What is that over there?
Do you own a TARDIS, or do you want to use mine?
Legend of Zelda or Skyrim?
Do you believe in life after love?
Do you want a glass of water?


I've interviewed tons of people for jobs, and if someone was reading prepared answers off a sheet of paper I wouldn't even consider them. Honestly, it's a terrible idea, and the interviewer will leave with the impression you can't think on your feet and be spontaneous. Here are some standard interview questions:

Tell me about a challenge you faced, and the steps you took in overcoming it.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

What do you see yourself doing five years from now?

The purpose of most interviews is for the recruiter to get a glimpse into your thought processes, and how you analyze a situation and address it.
"Why on Earth would someone as obviously gifted and talented as yourself would be willing to debase himself by becoming an employee here?"
I wouldn't make it obvious that you are reading the questions that you've written before the job interview. It will make them think that you couldn't come up with off the top of your mind, or are using someone else's answers.
Some interview questions that I have been asked are:
- So, tell me about yourself? (When they ask this, they are wanting some interesting facts, and they want to know more about you).
- Why do you want to work here at (name of place)?
- Why do you think you're the proper candidate for this position?
- If you had to tell me about a time that you were in a hard situation and thought of the solution what would it be?
They also like to ask some different scenarios about working there. For example if it was a grocery store job, they could ask you something like:
- If a customer was upset because of this reason, how would you handle it?
- If a customer wants a product and we are currently out of stock, what would you say?
Just random things like that is what they ask you during interviews. Good luck on your interview.
An alternative instead of keeping the paper with previously answered questions on it would be to study the answers to the questions in case those are the ones being called. Don't make yourself look like you've got answers to questions from someone else. They may think you're not putting any effort into the interview.
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years.
My guess is 'What made you leave your last job?'


They will ask:

-Tell me about yourself: this question is meant to learn more about you while at the same time checking to see if they will throw you off. Stick to talking about your education and experience at don't spend more than 2 minutes talking.

-Why would you like to work for us? In order to answer this question, make sure you do research on the company. Do not say "because I need a job" or "because I want money."

-What are your weaknesses? This is a trick question. Do not take the bait. Just say one weakness that has nothing to do with the job and that won't interfere with your work. For example; say you would like to work on your Microsoft Power point or Excel skills. Or state that you would like to learn another language.

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