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Why do virus protectors slow the computer down so bad?
I got a new computer and it ran so good. It was amazingly fast. I of course downloaded CA security suit and sure enough the computer is a million times slower and not all websites work like they did. I can't even use facebook half of the time, or any of the games on it now. I have to have a virus protector, but this really sucks. It screws up your computer about as bad as a virus would! What does everyone else do about this?
This is a new computer, it has nearly nothing on it except the virus software, so it can't be that it is too full. I really don't understand all the mumbo jumbo. I have done disk defragment and disk clean up on thousands of computers before and it doesn't help. It is the antivirus that kills it.


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Do the following:--

Free up disk space. A hard drive that is close to being full will drastically slow down your computer. You can clear up space by deleting temporary internet files, empty your recycle bin, remove programs that you do not use, put important files on an external hard drive.

Another way to free up disk space is to use "Disk Cleanup" on your Windows PC. To do this, click "start" and go to "Accessories", go to "System Tools", and click "Disk Cleanup".

Scan for Viruses, Adware, and Spyware. These nasty programs can slow down your computer worse than anything. I would recommend purchasing software that can remove all three of these common problems.

Don't automatically start up programs when you turn your computer on. Close any programs that you do not use that open when you start up your computer. These programs will run in the background and steal RAM (Random Access Memory).

Defragment your hard drive. Defragging your hard drive places all of your information for each file in one place.

Now restart your computer...
and check whether the performance of your PC still slow if yes then i suggest you to install Avira or Avast... these are not heavy anti virus software... won't make your PC slow..

All the best,
Do a Disc Cleanup and Disc Defragmentation....Start > all programs > accessories > system tools.

After you do both the Disc Cleanup and Defrag....get this product at CNet.com...its awsome...it will clean up the registry and any errors that you may have and it will also do 30 diffrent things...its FREE by the way...



"Signature" based A-V's utilize 'string search' where a know virus's 'pattern' is compared to files in the computer.
Rather than look @ every single byte, matching entire signatures to entire files (a huge, time consuming demand), the beginning of the signature pattern is used, and when a match occurs, the scan jumps (based on it's "jump table") to the end of where the pattern would be (if it were a virus/malware): if the ending pattern matches, then a positive ID is made. If it does not match, the scan moves on to the next file, and repeats the pattern match algorithm.
The more efficient this process, the less 'slow-down' you get, and some A-V's are just not that good.
Change to Avast! for a decent, smooth running A-V.

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