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privacy settings on new facebook layout, HELP PLEASE!?
Since the new facebook layout i can't figure out how to block the Likes and Interests section, which includes music, movies, fan pages, etc.... Does anyone know how to change the privacy on this on the facebook layout, i cant for the life of me figure out how to keep those blocked to non-friends, thanks


isn't it just in account settings still? Click on account, then account settings and pick what you want blocked


go to account>privacy settings>personal information and posts>and pick your desired settings to change. please look at the last 3 settings at the bottom.

-Allow friends to post on my Wall

-Control who can see posts by your friends on your profile

-Comments on Posts
Go to your profile page, click on the pencil icon next to your friends list, click on "change visibility settings", and then you'll be able to adjust all of these (including Likes and Interests, Education and Work, Activities, Relationship Status, Family, Friends, etc.) to "friends only" or whatever you want. Why Facebook hid that in this section instead of simply putting it in the Privacy Settings is beyond me, but there you go! By the way, there is no "save" button in this section, so when you're done, click on "preview my profile" and you'll see what your profile looks like to non-friendsSmile



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