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Why is Linux/Ubuntu so great?
What is it used for? Who is it used by?


Ubuntu is a OS like windows.

It's free,quick,safe and most of the software available for it are free.

It's used by many of them,at homes,schools,offices and at many other places.

Even this answer that I'm giving to you is from Ubuntu.


The better linux distributions are incredibly stable and a properly set up machine can literally run for years untouched.

The graphics desktop 'shell' is just another program rather than a fundamental part of the system and is not actually required for many systems.

It's well written - I'd say to get the same network & file handling speed on a Windows system as a Linux system, the Windows machine needs about three times the processor power.

Around 80% of the internet runs on Linux / Unix based machines.

It's also used for mainframes, supercomputers and film company graphics 'render farms', again due to it's performance and reliability.

It's inherently secure and multi-user, which makes it very difficult for viruses to do any harm - there are literally millions of times more viruses for Windows than Linux.

It can be remotely managed and administered very simply.

Almost all the common software that costs extra for Windows & Apple system etc. has equivalents available free - everything from word processing type stuff to server programs and supercomputer-type multi machine clustering.

My company builds commercial servers using version of Linux, because it's reliable and makes us look good.

If you want to have a look at a 'serious' enterprise-grade version, look at Centos.
It greatly depends on how it's being used. There are thousands of reasons why Linux rocks, and there are thousands of reasons why it downright sucks. It simply depends on your (or an applications') needs/requirements. Linux can be used for a variety of things by anyone, but so can Windows and OS X.


Its a great learning tool, its fully customisable and made by geeks who care about computer coding. It can allow you to turn an old unused computer into a server, host webpages from home, file servers for your music, and the best thing is that its free.

geeks who love to code usually make things good because they do it for the fun and have no time restrictions. Where as big massive companies like Microsoft have deadlines and mostly churn their code out as quickly as possible to turn a big profit... Vista?

You will find that most big companies who require large computer power use Linux, alot of scientific research is done in Linux or Unix, I think the large hadron collider's super computers run on Linux.

most web servers are run on linux.
Linux is good because
1) Free
2) Applications for it are often also free
3) It is generally secure and is virus free
4) It is powerful and stable (fast and does not crash very often)
5) It will work on old hardware
6) and many others

It can be used as
1) An ordinary desktop operating system just as you can use Windows or Mac OS
2) It can be used on servers (for web sites, file servers)
3) It can be embedded into devices like routers, network drives, media centers and phones and tablets (e.g Android phones)
4) It can used on super computers

It is used by
1) 1.5 % of general computer users (not may people have heard of it and not everybody likes it)
2) 95% of worlds super computers
3) 75% of websites servers
4) Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft etc
5) Everybody, in other words, use it often without realising they use it
Ubuntu is an operating system distributed as free and open source software. It has a friendly graphical user interface. It can be used as a desktop operating system and as a server. It is multi user based.
Its better than windows.
Its easier than windows.
Its cheap- free.
All needed software comes pre-loaded, If not- 1 click of a mouse can get what you want.
No problems with malwear or viruses.
New upgrades costs nothing,

Most people do not know about Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, Fedora, PCLinuxOS,but once yu try one...you are usually hooked...just far tooo easy and free- why trouble yourself with windows.

Now that this nightmare Windows 8 is out- there is no reason anyone should skip Linux. Try it.
It doesn't matter what operating system you use. There are three Criteria the operating system must have. It has to be dependable, it has to be reliable and it has to be secure. There is one more that is important and that is it has to be an operating system that you are not spending a lot of time fixing issues and problems all the time. Unix, MAC OSx and Linux fit all of these objectives.

You use the Desktop Environment just like any other operating system. The Majority of the Servers and Main Frames on the Internet are Unix and Linux. Even if you are using Windows, it is most likely you are connecting to a Unix or Linux Server. That is the one thing it does best. Linux you customize it to fit your needs, wants and desires. It's not Windows is the first thing people need to realize so don't have those kind of expectations. When I fix and repair computers I use a Linux LiveCD to get peoples data off a crashed hard drive. For me it is one of the tools I use, but I also run Linux dual boot on 6 computers with Windows. I find that I use Linux 90% of the time and Windows only when I need to do something that Linux doesn't Have. That is why I recommend people install it dual boot.



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