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Windows Vista- So I am screwed?
I bought my HP Pavilion desktop with Windows Vista Premium earlier this year. Now, I'm looking to reformat it, and I realize, there is no Vista disks. Is there anyway I can reformat without losing Vista?
BTW, I'm testing with Linux, so I need to be able to put in a disk and install Vista if something goes wrong with Linux.


i dont get ur question


HP usually has a copy of Windows on some kind of a wierd hidden "recovery" partition, that will re-install not only Windows but also all the crapware that they ship with the computer.

It's a rip-off, I know, but it is how HP does it :-(
you can make a recovery cd or dvd, however, if you install Linux I believe that the recovery cd won't work.
Why don't you get a call to Microsoft or visit their site and ask them.
However, a friend told me there must be a label in your PC with a special number (a product key number) if you reformat your pc with linux and then you want to go back to windows, you can use that key number to reinstall it from the page, but be sure before you proced.

Good luck


When the system boots, there should be an option for <RECOVERY>, or something to that effect. It's on a hidden partition and does a full system restore. Back up anything critical first as it will wipe C:\.
Download the OEM Bios cracked version that is being listed on the various bit torrent tracker sites. It doesnt need a serial number and stays permenantly activated allowing Windows Updates.

Cant see the harm in it as technically you have a license.
odd you should get a disc with your pc


when you initially first boot up the pc, it asks you to create recovery discs. and you feed the pc blank cd's and dvd's

normally as said before there is a hidden recovery partition for HP's.. if you look up on the HP site, there are recovery tools.. but u don't say ur model exactly so you will have to do that yourself.. write the recovery disc to floppy or cd etc.. and boot the pc with that , it will recover the pc using the hidden partition.
there should be an option to "create recovery disks"

it it's too late for that, call HP and request a recovery disk set. the cost should be reasonable (shipping only probably)

if you want LINUX, you can buy a DELL with debian pre-installed.

Since Vista home premium costs a couple hundred dollars, it would be rather foolish to replace it with a free OS.
Why not consider picking up a second disk so you can preserve your HP original configuration. Another option would be to check with HP about ordering a recovery disk rather than just the hidden partition recovery.


If you're messing around with linux, there is a very probable chance that you are going to either delete your windows partition or your recover partition for windows. Linux needs a different file system (Fat32, XFS, Reister) than windows vista (NTFS); and since Vista is usually installed on a partition covering the majority of a hard drive, you'll have to destroy your windows partition before you can install linux. - this may sound confusing.

What you should do: give HP a call, and for the price of shipping after you verify with them that you purchased a Windows Vista HP computer, they can send you a recovery CD or DVD. This would be the wise choice, otherwise, HP cannot and will not assist you with reformatting because the limited warranty will be void.

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