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USB Record Deck/Windows Vista?
Cany anyone tell me where I can find (in England) a record deck with USB cable to facilitate vinyl to CD transposing that is compatible with Windows Vista? I've found several compatible with Windows XP etc. but I need one with Vista compatibility. HELP!


You can connect the line out on any old stereo to the line in on your sound card, and record the signal with any number of programs.


I'm not sure you particularly need USB but you could try http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?Modu...6m8&tabs=n

I found this by doing a quick Google on 'USB record deck Vista', which you could probably have managed yourself.
There arn't any out yet for vista in the UK, you will have to wait about a month before they come out in the UK for vista (I have vista aswell so i am anoyed that you have to got new things for it)

If your not sure if weather it is compatible with vista or not go on this http://images.google.co.uk/images?svnum=...dows+vista and it should have this 'Certified For Windows Vista' logo on it, hope this helped you Smile

Stupid vista, its not worth the hassle lol



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