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Graph in Microsoft publisher problem (print screen incl)?
I pasted a graph from Excel to publisher, and double clicked to edit it. Now it wil not let me exit it no matter what I press nor will enter do anything. It will not let me even scroll up or down - before you ask it is still responsive. I really don't want to lose my work - he's a print screen.


You have to either edit the graph in excel or create a new graph in publisher. You can't edit a graph in publisher if you didn't create it in the same program. I know, it sucks...

To get out of the stuck screen, try deleting the graph. If that doesn't work, try ctrl+alt+delete and go to Task Manager. Make sure Publisher is still "Running" and not "Not Responding." Then click on processes, and see if you can find the thing that is making it stuck, it will have a name with publisher in it and should be near the top of the list. Then end process. If that doesn't work, then I'm afraid you may have to end program. You could lose your work but most likely you can get it back with document recovery. Good luck!



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