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what is phishing(not fishing) and were do u go to do it..i have been hit twice and wonder were they get it?



phishing is something people do to try an get account information credit card , bank account etc..

they send you an email directing you to a site where they collect the stuff..

well here is the thing, these emails and sites are made to look like a well known and trusted sight but there not ..

i get these from paypal and ebay alot (not the real ones)

for pay pal forward the message to spoof@paypal.com they will tell you if the site is legit or not

for ebay spoof@ebay.com

all other sites i suggest you close that explorer page and open a new one.. go directly to the site ( NOT THERE LINK) and see for your self, if its from your bank then in a separate window open your banks website

and remember true sites will not ask you to give them your password information (unless logging in of course)



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