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Buying Mac OS for my pc?
I recently built a new pc that was around 4k in price, i would like to add another hard drive and install Mac OS(whichever is latest) on it.

i have a few questions

#1, what is the latest OS version of mac?
#2, i see the mac os leopard, or mountain lion, are those like how windows has their service packs?
#3, what is everything i need to buy to get it to work, The hard drive i bought says it supports mac OS so i know im good there.

If there is anything else i should know let me know please

The pc is

Corsair 500r case
EVGA x79 sli motherboard
Intel core i7 3930k CPU @ 4.5GHz
1TB Western Digital Black
Corsair h100 Liquid CPU cooler
32GB DDR3 2133MHz ram (Currently using 8gb of 1600mhz ram)
Dual EVGA gtx 680 super-clocked signature
Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound
XFX PRO 1250W full modular power supply
Samsung SyncMaster SA950 27" Full HD 3D 120Hz monitor

Any relavant information is helpful. Thank You.
@ Kazuki Kosuda, you obviously cant read well, i said "i would like to add another hard drive and install Mac OS"

So it will be a Mac and PC


LOL ..... WTF it means that your hard drive can be used in mac os.... it does not mean that it can be used to install the Os x.......Damn and you don't need Osx... windows are lot better....
if you want it then search google....there are softwares like UNIBEAST........


Mac OS will never install on a windows PC by just booting from a disk/removable storage.

There is a website called tonymacx86.com which provides everything you need to get any of the Mac OS on your computer.

here's a snow leopard tutorial;

I would check on their forums before you go ahead with the guide. Just to check your system is supported!

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