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windows live messenger problems...help plzz?
Ok, i have Windows 7 Beta, and the new version of Windows Live Messenger. And evreytime i tried to sign in, i kept getting the message "WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER HAS STOPPED WORKING" or "Not responding" that happens all the time, EVERYTIME i tried to sign in. its really annoying, can anyone help me???...how do i fix this???
i ve tried repairing the program, uninstalling and re-installing it, but the problem still occcured...


Your asking us, what is wrong with this picture, did you read all if the beta testing ! they plainly said that some apps wont work, you found it you fix it, have fun LOL


Hello hey_hey, I’m Rick and I work with the Windows Outreach Team. I see you’re having trouble signing into Windows Messenger. You may be able to find answers over at the Live.com help page; https://account.live.com/HelpCentral.aspx . Scroll down the left column and click on “I can’t sign in”, that and some of the other help topics should point you in the right direction. Good luck with getting Messenger up and running.

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