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Windows Vista and Games?
Will Windows Vista allow to me to play games that were released for Windows XP such as World of Warcraft or Battlefield 2?


yes it would. I have em both installed and its running perfectly fine.


I tried BF2 and it works fine. Just right click the program .exe file and go to Compatiblilty and click run in Windows XP service pack two.
I went from xp to vista home premium. My "Need For Speed, Most Wanted" (2005) works. I t-h-i-n-k I had to "run in compatability mode" and "run as administrator". Same goes for the trainers.


Some of the games that we usually play are not built around a single OS but can be played on a multiple no. of OSs. (I take the example of NFS: Most Wanted. It was not actually made for Windows Vista, but my Vista Ultimate is still running it flawlessly)

Some other games might will run on Windows Vista if you apply certain patches to them or upgrade them to a Newer Patch (Example: NFS Carbon, which requires Patch 1.4 particularly for Windows Vista)

Better try searching out the games which you wanna play on the Internet on an Individual Basis and check out whether hey support Vista or require any patches.
My friend has Windows Vista and couldn't install Battlefield 2. He is not that flash at computers, so I can't confirm this.

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