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please help me guys about my facebook page.?
everytime i open the http://www.facebook.com.. i get this. here the link.


please help me guys.. Sad thanks for advance.


Its a Error Please Be Patient the Facebook Team Most Likely is working to fix this problem


ahh that sucks, it's the kinda thing you get with an internet filter, it happens at school when i try access yahoo mail

if your internet is filtered, unfortunately all the images and style sheets on a website are hosted on seperate names to the site, so just having http://www.facebook.com unblocked won't let you access the images or anything

for example, my profile pic is hosted on http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/hs446.snc4/, so it would be better for you to try find a proxy and see if that works better, it should bypass all your filtering Smile

http://www.creamspider are two decent proxy sites, but unfortunately they automatically put it onto mobile facebook. just be careful because some sites may try steal your password or something Smile

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