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Microsoft Excel, Macros using VB, Microsoft Access?
I want to learn Excel, macros and access online. Can anyone recommend some sites where in I can get books, which can be downloaded for free. Any online tutorial will also be helpful.


Learning Excel macros on your own is easy. Record one thru the GUI (Tools -> Macro -> Record New Macro) doing any action (navigate to a cell, change it's color, whatever), then edit it to see what code was generated (Tools -> Macro -> Macros -> Edit button). The Microsoft Visual Basic editor will open. Help -> Microsoft Visual Basic Help will open the manuals for visual basic, including Basics, Concepts, and the Language Reference. To learn what objects and methods are available in Excel, put the cursor inside a bit of the code and hit View -> Object Browser.

Access will be tougher, because learning SQL isn't necessarily easy. Besides, knowing the VB language syntax and even SQL syntax won't help you learn the structure of the database you need to program to - that's the hard part.


Goto http://www.exceltip.com/

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