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Facebook places not working on my blackberry bold 9780...?
For the past week or so, when i try and check in on facebook places on my blackberry bold 9780 it wont check in and comes up with some facebook error 2002 please try again later...
It lets me search ,comes up with the right area and location etc, asks me if i want to check in, but when i click yes check in it just comes up with that error ... been like it for over a week now, ive got my locations all ON on my settings etc but nothing. It used to work fine before, i dont know if its since the new facebook app for blackberry ? I dont use places much but now and again i like to check in places but its bugging me now, ive rebooted loads, refreshed gps on device, nothing.
Any help please? x


Try updating the software on your phone. If that doesn't work, contact facebook and tell them the problem. Chances are it's not the phone.



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