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Microsoft Excel?
I accidentally pressed F10 on a Microsoft Excel Database. Then I saved it, and reopened it. Then I pressed the F10 again, hoping it would turn back to the original database. But no. I saved it, and reopen it. But this time it cannot be open. Does anyone know how to open this file again? And how can I get the original database that I had again?


pressing f10 does nothing to the data in the file, it's just a shortcut for accessing the menubar at the top of the screen.

whatever you've done it has nothing to do with pressing f10.

"but this time it cannot be open" you should specify any error messages or exactly what happens when you try to open it if you want help, a lack of details is not good when you're after an answer.

try the recently used files in either the start menu or on the fil menu of excel to see if the file has been saved elsewhere.


close the application and open it again. if that doesnt work restart the computer and open it again. if that doesnt work..... i dont know.

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