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How can I get more followers on twitter? ?
I just started a twitter account and I want a bunch of followers so my words can be read. What's the best/easiest way to accomplish this?


Well, uh, follow some of your friends, tweet about trends, if people find you interesting they would follow you.


get more friends or you better be really funny
Be a celebrity/ well-known athlete/ politician/ famous person.


Follow other people then ask to follow you back.

Un-follow them after they follow you
Getting followers on twitter can be hard, but if you follow some simple steps it doesn't have to be.

You have to:
1. Post interesting content every day
2. Follow trends properly
3. Link your networking accounts
4. Find your niche

Here's an article on it that should give you some good ideas:



Follow me and I'll follow you back.

1) You choose a topic to tweet about. Mine is quotes to live by and the music I like
(People who like your ideas will follow you)

2) Advertise your account whenever possible like I just did and offer a follow back

Like you I'm new to twitter and so need a bit of help getting started, if you tweet to a celebrity and somehow convince them to follow you you'll get a hell of alot of followers. (I've never done it so I can't guarantee it works)

3) Follow your close friends, they'll follow you back for sure

4) Connect ALL your accounts to twitter.
( Have a youtube account/ Facebook/ Windows live messenger? Let everyone know you have twitter!
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I find the best method is to purchase followers, this way you can concentrate your efforts on using twitter.



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