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I need serious help in English?
I've been bad at English sense 4th grade (current 7th grader)
I can barely spell, I can't use commas correctly, I can't use transitions, I can't tell the difference between an adverb and adjective, and I have no idea how to cite, I'm always getting bad grades for plagiarism when I don't even mean to and I could be completely certain I'm not plagiarizing. I know, it's terrible and so embarrassing, and currently I'm failing English and I only have 3 weeks to get my grade up. It's also hard for me to talk at times. I mix up words and stutter and get tongue tied easily. I'm not a special ED kid, I'm in honors and gate, but English has always been a huge struggle for me. My parents won't pay for a tutor, and I'm embarrassed to go to ask for help from my teachers or counselors. How can I get better at English in general? Please help, I'm scared this is going to affect me for the rest of my life ;-;


Becoming a well READ person will help you a whole bunch. Read novels by Lawyers like John Gresham. The Lincoln Lawyer has no grammatical errors. Paying attention to what strikes you as "not the way I would have said that" . and looking up words that you are not familiar with will help you with spelling.


Don't be embarrassed to ask your teacher/counselor for help with schooling, that is what they are there for. Just walk up to them after school/before school and tell them that you would like help with English. They will surely help you or make a date to help you.
Here is a website that might help you out with commas: http://www.businessinsider.com/a-guide-t...use-2013-9
Adjective: A describing word. (Ex: Large, Small, Tall, Loud, Mean)
Adverb: Used to modify verbs, and tells when, how, where. Basically an adverb just describes the adjective. (Ex: Where: She ran to the store, When: On a Tuesday night, Why: She needed milk and eggs.)
There are some websites that can help you out with Adverbs and Adjectives.

If you know that you aren't plagiarizing, then you should tell your teacher that you didn't plagiarize. Do you know what plagiarizing is? It's when you take another author/persons work and claim it as yours without citations.
Many people struggle with English, and it's normal because it is quite confusing sometimes. It just takes practice and time to learn the different things. I hope that I have helped you out some, and I hope that you build the courage to ask your teacher/counselor if they would mind helping you out with what you don't understand about English. They won't turn you down, and won't laugh at you - they will only help you.
Lots of people get tongue-tied and stutter when they are on the spot and have to speak to others. If you
join a group like Toastmasters, it might feel hard, but they can help you overcome your difficulties.
Absolutely go to teachers and counsellors at school and they can guide you to finding help. If the first
one doesn't work, go to another. Think about finding a career that doesn't involve a lot of talking with
other people. Your skills may be best used in jobs that are more solitary and a career counsellor
can help you take tests to aim you in the right direction. Don't beat yourself up. You may be dyslexic
which is common but presents your type of problem. Be strong.



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