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twitter followers?
I very recently joined twitter and I would like so followers, I would really appreciate if some people followed me, I pinky swear I will follow back! X

My twitter name is __Lucy_x

Thank you so much!


Your welcome!


You can use this site to get more followers,i think you have to have at least 40 followers before it works tho., it gives you points for stuff like liking facebook pictures or favoriting tweets and you can use those points for followers or likes on other sites like twitter or instagram. so if you want a high # of followers but a low # of people you follow back its totally perfect. you can easily make a fake facebook and like a bunch of crap for points and use the points for followers or likes on your real page. the best part is its REAL people and its one of the only ones thats actually free. check it outSmile


PS a trick to get more people to follow you. look up hashtags of stuff you like and go favorite all the tweets. people will start following you. it helps to post some tweets related to that hashtag already. think bands or shows you like, etc..

This is my take on how to get more twitter followers.

Well there are quite a few ways to get more Twitter Followers.

I tried shoutout for shoutout methods, follow back trains etc. but nothing worked out as good as the tricks this guy shows you in his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDMocWQUPHg

He is talking about how to get 100,000 Twitter Followers real fast. But the best thing is that these followers are all targeted to you niche!


I used http://www.instabot.co.uk

Been using the bot for 3 months and have well over 10K active followers.

It’s a simple bot designed to auto favourite tweets
You need followers then do Tagsforlikes. I use that! And also you can go to popular accounts and go to their followers and follow a bunch of people. Then later unfollow them. Or you can do sfs (Shoutout for Shoutout) and you can buy Instagram followers from freelancers on SEOClerks website for a small cost.
Doubling that number isn’t hard if you implement some of the following tips. And you can do much better than that if you apply a little focus and discipline.
Make sure your profile and “Bio” is to the point and attracts followers in your niche. Check out Hilary Clinton’s Twitter Bio in the infographic below.
Tweet more often. Those with 15,000 plus tweets have between 100,000 to 1 million followers
Use hashtags. This will expand your tweet visibility
Schedule and automate tweets with tools like Hootsuite and Socialoomph.com
Follow people in your niche or industry. Especially those with substantial numbers of followers on Twitter.
Retweet the content of influencers and let them know with the @mention
Join in Twitter chats or start one of your own a regular basis
Find new followers that share your interests by using tools like Tweepi
Twitter is not an inbox but a stream so you need to keep your followers engaged by tweeting valuable content for your target audience
Learn from the best. Check out Anton Perlkvist does it with @Fun and @Googlefacts
Promote your Twitter account “everywhere
Check this out:

Work on your profile:
Make sure your profile is complete with an avatar that shows your face and a solid bio. It's important that people know who you are and what you're interested in.

Post interesting links:
Find the man bites dog story. Search the web voraciously for a nugget you can spin into a good tweet. Guy Kawasaki, who has over 100,000 followers, goes as far as paying employees to find buzzworthy stories for him to tweet.[4] There are many websites you can scour for prime Tweeting material

You can Buy Twitter Followers, check the link below! They offer amazing service! They deliver only 100% real and active followers from all around the world!

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