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Hashtags don't appear on pictures. :( it shows up blank?
I have an IG shout out account with over 5k. I really enjoy giving people shout outs, we all want more followers. But since Monday I can't really do much shout outs & people are starting to unfollow Sad
When I go and put in hashtags they don't appear at all. I use under 30. I've tried putting them in comments but I get that red exclamation point.

I've uninstall, logged out, turned off my phone. Nothing works :/ please help!


I would email Twitter about the problems you are experiencing. You can go to this link and select what topic best fits the issue you're having, and it will ask you for more information regarding the problem so they can better help you.


You may have to copy and paste the link in your internet browser to access it.

Hope this helps.



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