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Just got a new Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista, can't download AIM or Windows Live Messenger, help?
So as you can see, i just got my new Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista. I've tried downloading AIM but the downloading process just stops after the first download window opens, and it's like i never even tried. There are no traces of it on my computer, that i can find at least. I've had the same problem trying to download Windows Live Messenger, and there was even a link in my programs to download it, so it doesn't make sense why it's not letting me download the program! I would really appreciate any suggestions on how i can get this to work.
thank you so much for any helpful feedback!


I got the same laptop earlier this week. I didn't have any problem with Windows Live. You might just need to change the security settings on VIsta to allow downloads. I had to do that to download my Yahoo toolbar.

Hope I help,


do your windows updates then try downloading windows live messenger.

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