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Who is paying for illegal immigrants to go to public schools now that Obama said the schools have to enroll them?
Holder mandates schools must enroll children of illegal immigrants

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that all schools must enroll illegal immigrants as students, citing “troubling reports” that some districts are discriminating against the children of undocumented parents.
“Public school districts have an obligation to enroll students regardless of immigration status and without discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin,” Mr. Holder said in a statement released Thursday by the Justice Department. He said the department will do “everything it can” to make sure schools meet this obligation.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/8/holder-schools-must-enroll-children-illegals/#ixzz31FKUrEMM
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Added @ Social...didn't say better...I pay for my rights


wat u think ur better than an illegal immigrant? U conservatives sure do think highly of ur racist selves


In the end - Who always pays ?? The good ole tax payer....
the American Taxpayer


The taxpayers are paying. This means when your LEGAL children and grandchildren cannot get some services they may need, we can blame the ILLEGALS for taking away from them.
You should do a bit of research on the DREAM Act that has been "pending" in Congress since August 2001, when Republicans were in the majority for both House and Senate. The bipartisan Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act was introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) originally, but then was re-introduced by a larger number that included the original two Senators and also Senators Harry Reid (D-NV), Richard Lugar (R-IN), Mel Martinez (R-FL) and others of both political parties.

This DREAM Act is for children who were brought to this country while they were minor children who had no say in what was happening. To qualify for the temporary legal residency, the eligible immigrants have to be actively enrolled in an accredited school and not be in trouble with the law (see Wikipedia's description of the requirements), and they have to have arrived in the U.S. prior to their 16th birthday, living here consecutively for at least five years. Since the DREAM Act was filibustered by the rightwing extremists repeatedly and was therefore blocked, President Obama announced that he had authorized the Justice Department (under the aegis of AG Eric Holder) to allow the terms in the Act to be enforced as a way of nudging Congress to get its work done in this regard. Fifteen U.S. states have already enacted their own versions, allowing these young adults to become productive citizens and, in exchange, they can come out of the shadows and get driving licenses, serve in our military, or enroll in four-year colleges (on the condition that they maintain a passing GPA and continue to behave in a moral and legal manner).

If they work and earn salaries, they PAY TAXES that help support the government instead of being in-hiding drains on our nation's economy. These young people will also produce CONSUMER SPENDING that helps GROW the economy.
"The guidance is based on a 1982 Supreme Court decision that says children of illegal immigrants have a right to a public education. In Plyler v. Doe, the court struck down a Texas statute that denied funding for education to the children of illegal immigrants ..."

Wow, you're right. The NERVE of our Attorney General UPHOLDING THE LAW.
There is no mandate by Eric Holder or anyone in the Obama Administration requiring the education of children who are illegal immigrants. That has been the law for a great many years, long before President Obama even ran for President.

There are allegations that some school districts have demanded such strong ID that people who are not here legally cannot present it but those are only allegations. I have not heard of any case where a child has been turned away from public school because of his or her immigration status.

There is a secret that is not being disclosed here: Often parents of children who are here illegally will keep children at home to care for younger children while the parents work or to work in a family business. That is the real problem and public schools are being blamed for it.

Generally, schools are funded by property taxes for all of the children they educate.

There are a lot of problems here but they are unrelated to the Obama Administration.


The true answer is, those who pay taxes. What I mean by that is, those who actually pay Federal Taxes and those who own houses and pay property taxes. Everyone else gets a free ride.

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