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Internet Explorer Wont Load?
My daughter recently just deleted my internet explorer web browser icon and now my internet explorer wont open, and i have 2 other web browsers but i like internet explorer better cause it does faster.

How can i get my internet explorer to work again?
Thanks for telling me to download IE8 but it makes my norton 360 go crazy and stop working, i want to go down to internet explorer 6 cause it works a lot better cause it doesn't affect my norton.


you can re install the browser again or go and search for the icon and put it back on the task bar, all Programs>accessories>system tool > IE with out add on's (create short cut)?


You can download it from the internet (the mirosoft.com website). Or maybe if you have a backup file just install it.

Hi my name’s Feran and I am working with the Internet Explorer Outreach Team to help provide assistance to folks about their Internet Explorer.
I would suggest downloading the latest version of Internet Explorer – IE8, which was released in March. It is a more stable and reliable version.
Here are some more great resources that will help you learn more about IE8 improvements and new features such as accelerators, web slices etc. - the IEBlog: http://www.ie8demos.com/tryit/ will give you a better idea of IE8 and see how it differs from other IE versions.

You can download it here as well as learn more about it at this the official Microsoft site: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/interne...d=ie8_sm_b

Hope this helps,
Internet Explorer Outreach Team



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