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IPOD TOUCH 5G HELP! (users and someone who knows the touch well)?
Okay so Im having a few problems because I don't know how to use this.

Im trying to use Imessages, and I have my Apple ID and everything. But it doesn't provide me with a phone number? Do I have to make one up myself or is it supposed to give you one? My friend said its supposed to provide you with one.... but I can't figure it out. Ive resetted my ipod touch like 3 times. no luck.
Can someone please help me out! ive been at this for hours! 10 points to the person who gives me the answer!!

PS. ANother question.... when you are using any of the apps like the camera or safari, how do you close it? do I just press the home button?
plllleaaaaaaase help me!!

btw I have the 32 g if that is important.
uh. Ipod touch does work on imessage. I asked Ipod touch users to answer. ._.


imessages do not work on ipod only iphone, yeah kinda weird but double tap your home button and you will see a list of open apps, slide it up to close it, use pinger...


If you have wifi it should give you your phone number but to message you can only text people that have iPods or iPhones and for your other question just press the home button
Type in somebody's name (or number) and tap the number/email address you want to message.

For iPod and iPad user without an iPhone use (apple ID) email
For iPhone user use phone number


I have an iPod touch too, and iMessage on Ipod doesn't give you a phone number. It's not a phone so you have to use your email instead. With iPods you can only text people that have and iPod, iPhone, iPad or a Mac. There is no problem, you just have to give people your email that you used for iMessage instead of a phone number.

For closing apps, you can exit the app by pressing the home button and you can close the app so it doesn't drain your battery by double clicking the home button and then the apps you've used will show up at the bottom so press and hold on any of the apps and they'll start to wiggle and a red ( - ) button will show up on the top left corner on then so press the red button and they'll go away and that means you've closed the app
iMessage on an iPod does not give you a phone number. The only way you will get a phone number is if you get an iphone, or download a texting app that will give you a free in app number. For iMessage, what will happen is you will be able to message others using your email. You aren't sending emails, you're still sending iMessages. You just aren't using a number.

As for closing app, double click home. Then swipe up on any app you do not want open.

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