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Microsoft Excel 2003 learning web?
Is there a website where i can learn how to use Microsoft Excel 2003?
I have no idea how to use Excel.


use this


or email me with problems. i've used excel for years and am very fluent with it's language.


checkout this website http://www.excelgoodies.com , they provide online instructor led excel training. You can hear the instructor, speak to him, interact with him, see his computer screen on your screen, watch every move he makes on his excel screen and learn excel. Its really interesting and ensures 100% learning. You can learn excel in just 8 hours. Plus, they also offer post training support. So after you complete the training with them, if you have any questions, you can contact them and get ur doubts clarified.

No one teaches excel better than excelgoodies.

contact me at herochenna@yahoo.com if you need more details in this regard.

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