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Is MediaFire a reliable website?
My friends are talking about this file hosting website called MediaFire. I want to know whether this site is safe or not. I know that there is always a risk of infection with any download, but I would like to know if I can hand over some of my personal information without worrying about it being stolen

Also, if you know a different site similar to MediaFire that you are sure has safer downloads or a less overall risk, please tell me.


Mediafire is safe. They sometimes have pop up ads but for the most part its safe to share files there.

Other file sharing sites i use are:


Be sure not to share copy written content though.


Yes that's a safe file hosting site. However, it's up to you to check the integrity of the file you are downloading. MediaFire isn't responsible for what you are downloading. Scan the file before using it and make sure it comes from a trusted source.
Analyze the website with http://www.spycss.com/


I looked it up at ScanURL.net - no phishing or malware has been reported there, according to http://ScanURL.net/?u=MediaFire.com#results (they check PhishTank, Google, and Web of Trust).

Even better, their Web of Trust public voting/ratings reflect a very reputable and trustworthy website. Most definitely NOT a scam.

I think you're good.

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