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Where can i buy a mac os disc?
i want to be able to choose betwen booting windows 7 and mac os x whn i boot my computer. i am having trouble finding where to but the mac os and was wondering where i could get one????
I would like to be able to boot it on my windows 7 pc. i use mac at school and pc at home and sometimes there is difficulty switching between the 2


Trouble? What kind of trouble? store.apple.com
All Intel Macs can "choose between booting Windows 7 and Mac OS X". Can't you do this on your Mac? Just use Boot Camp Assistant to do this.

What's the problem? Is there some secret you are keeping from us?


Do you own a Mac with an Intel processor? Otherwise no point in even attempting this.
You can buy a Mac OS X 10.6 upgrade disc from Best Buy for $29.99 to install Snow Leopard (10.6 formal name) to an Intel based Mac but the license agreement on all Apple OS X install discs specifically forbids you from installing OS X to any computer except Apple branded hardware and Apple has taken steps to prevent you from just being able to install OS X onto any computer. Not saying it can't be done, but it's a violation of the license agreement and hence is an illegal act so you're not receiving advice on how to do it here or links on how to do it either (providing such advice is against the Yahoo Answers Terms and Conditions and can be removed at any time).



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