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Why won't my pictures show up on my Microsoft Publisher web pages?
I recently created a web site from Microsoft Publisher (I know, I know, this isn't the best software to use for creating a web page, but it was all I had.) Anywhoo, I have the web site posted and the homepage looks great. But the images on the linking pages will not show up. I used the homepage as the master page. I double and triple checked to make sure my image paths on each page links to the right folders just like I did with the index.htm (i.e. src="/images/image321.gif),
but for some reason the pages aren't connecting to the images.
I'm a newbie at web design and posting, so please help me! What am I doing wrong?
Sorry! Here's the web site: http://www.devaultfashionconsulting.com
It's still under construction, but you'll see the problem once you click on the other pages.
And I uploaded everything through FireFTP


At this point, the only thing you have done wrong is not giving us the link so we can check out the site.

Clearly the page is not finding the pictures where it is looking for them. It is really easy to upload them to the wrong place or give them a slightly different name than they should have. Did you upload with ftp, or did you upload them to the web some other way?

The images are there, at least the ones I right-clicked, but the crazy mixed up code that your editor has given them looks like this:


If you mouseover the link you can see the entire path in the statusbar. That garbage after the '.gif' has to be edited off. I don't know if you can, though. It may be dynamically generated.

Some of the other links had their folder changed from '/images/' to '/Pages/' by your editor.

Personally, I am amazed at how much unnecessary code there is there, which will make fixing little things near to impossible. In this case I'd say Microsoft Publisher was probably not better than nothing.


Angela is correct, we can't help you without seeing the site. As far as having nothing other than Publisher, you're wrong. You have Notepad, which is all you need to create web pages - assuming that you know how to create web pages. (If you don't, there's no software that will do much for you except give you a canned site.)

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