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how can i play runescape on my mac os x 10.4.11?
Someone please help, i am not sure if i can play on this computer anymore, jagex required a new update of java on october 24th of 2011 and ever since i wasnt able to play runescape, i quit playing runescape since then and never really cared to play again, but my friend is going to give me his money since he is quitting and i want to start playing again, does anyone know how i can play runescape on a mac osx 10.4.11. if not then i will just have to wait until next month to buy a new computer, this computer is like 7 years old so yea, really old shitty mac, it has a 1.83 GHz intel core 2 duo with a memory of 512 mb, 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, mac os x 10.4.11. those are my specs, i never thought runescape would get to hi tech for my computer. anyone help??!?!@




try this i guess


if that doesn't work than no you cant play rs on it

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