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do laptops come with internet,microsoft office,powerpoint,word,publisher, and excel ?


Yes if you buy them with it i would just buy office from stapels or your local computer store.


some do and some dont the one im currently on doesnt come with that but you can ask the store to add it onto the computer for you and its like $140 for all of the microsoft office products
Most popular brands of laptop come with free starter or trial versions of MS Office, not the full version. Some laptops aimed at work or student use might come with a serial key but only if specified when purchasing.

All copies of windows come with Internet Explorer, but it can be disabled and/or replaced with a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome if desired.

If you are worried about paying for MS Office why not consider a free alternative such as Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice? Or start using the cloud such as Google Docs to do your work? At least that way it's not PC based and can be accessed anywhere.

I would like to say that whoever suggested you buy your copy of MS office from Staples or a local store is giving bad advice; local PC shops charge rip off prices, order online like Newegg (US), Scan (UK) or Amazon. Your local stores such as Staples MIGHT do a competitive price as a web order/reserve and collect however.


Some do and some do not. Generally you can buy a laptop that is bundled with microsoft office. However, do not buy a laptop only because it comes with this. You can very easily buy it all online once you receive the PC. Hope this helps
Yes if you pay for it and it is typically fairly expensive. If you want just excell PowerPoint word and outlook it will cost less than having Microsoft publisher.
Microsoft provides a free version of Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint at docs.com

Publisher is not included in the free version of Office. Publisher is available only with certain packages of Microsoft Office and is also available as a stand-alone product.

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