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I have a bunch of so called disorders, what are some good online support groups?
ADD, bipolar, i believe asperger's, PTSD, some sort of possible math dyslexia although fairly mild in nature, benign motor tics, chronic fatigue, constant physical pain throughout my body-neck,shoulders,spine,hips,left leg, just basically everywhere-due to a car accident at around 75mph, a possible TBI, major depression, occasional loss of sensation in my hands/feet, ringing in my ears, you name it...the whole shebang! While I hate to focus on it and turn it into more than it all is, because really it COULD be worse, I need to face these things head on. It has been incredibly difficult to do so following my motor vehicle accident because I think my body was in shock, and still is a couple of years later, and also I believe that my brain is still in the long term process of recovering. I have certainly concocted some fairly radical thoughts since then at least, i can tell you that much. Anyways, i never got any real medical attention after the crash, just a ct scan w/ no dyes and one pain killing tablet. Now that I am finally managing to get back to my "normal" self, almost two years later, i am looking for some type of support group - online that is. It is near impossible to talk about this sort of thing with my family anymore because i think it reslly stresses them out and I have a hard time getting out much to see friends. I appreciate any suggestions and thank you.


You should probably seek the council of a psychologist and let him/her guide you in choosing a support group.
I doubt you will be able to find just one group that could help you with all that you listed above.
A psychologist may be able to help by being an anchor to which you can discuss and relate all of these conditions to and who could point you in the proper direction of which support groups to pick.


So in other words you were in this serious crash but actually had no significant injury; everyone in a wreck is sore and feels "beat up" due to the impact and also the massive release of adrenalin during the event that makes you feel bad afterwards.
Most of what you describe are not attributable to an accident but are actually mental issues dude. You don't need a support group as much as you need individual counseling to get past the trauma of the wreck. You were traumatized and have dwelt on that event so much it is affecting your life--- even though you were not seriously or even moderately injured. So tell your family you want to talk to a counselor or therapist and get past this traumatic event. A skilled therapist can help you out a lot. Denying it is not "all in your head" won't solve the problem. Facing the problem will.
So...are any of these disorders professionally diagnosed...or did you do it yourself with help from the internet? I still remember freshman psych. The prof had us read the first 3 chapters of the main text and we all decided we were severely messed up. When we went back to class and after asking for a show of hands (nearly everyone), he laughed and told us it is the severity of the symptoms that makes it a disorder. We ALL have the basis for ocd, ADD, bipolar and others. It is the degree that counts. Perhaps a few visits with a professional counselor might steer you back on the beam.


There are plenty of groups you can join in Facebook who tackles learning disabilities. https://www.facebook.com/groups/bestrongwithdyslexia/

These are just a few and you can find more by typing in the search box ADD, ADHD, Austism, Aspergers.

Good luck and I hope you find the right group.

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