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Sitemape blocked by Robots.txt - Where to find on WordPress.com to delete?
The file robots.txt will usually be in the root of your web folder and sets the rules for "spiders" to look through your site. If you connect to FTP, it may be the folder you start in...it may be in "Public_html" or "www" or "wwwroot" or something similar. Simply delete this file(or renamed it to keep it backed up) and it will stop telling Google to go away.

SSL should have NO effect on this as that refers to secure shell which is a way of encrypting data between your site and the end user so that people in between can't steal data(such as credit cards etc). If you were using this, your site would start https:// instead of http:// (though could use both).

More specifically, for wordpress, go to Settings > Reading (see link below)


Read this - it might help.




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