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Should I stay with her?
My girlfriend and I have been going out for 3 years. I'm currently a freshman in college and I know I'm still young. I feel like it should end but I am not sure, nor know how to do it...

She has changed a lot in college and I don't feel connected that much anymore. She gets mad at me for small things and freaks out about too much. I set up my twitter the other day and she started yelling at me for being hypocritical(I don't use social media much) and "sneaky". Other times she gets mad for giving my opinion when shes venting to me. But once she realizes im annoyed or anything she starts crying over the phone. Her family isn't the best to me either.

My parents really like her and I almost feel trapped in the relationship. Help!


There are two ways this scenario ends. Either you stay with this girl and marry her, or you break up with her. That's it, that's all there is. It seems stupid, but in every relationship you ever enter, those are the only two possible endings. So, are you going to stay in a relationship you don't want to be in to please your parents, and likely be miserable your entire life? Or are you going to make a decision for yourself and be happier? It's very sad to say, but at the end of the day you are the only one who is there for you. Your parents only see this girl every so often, but you have to deal with her daily. Don't be afraid of change. I know that's so much more easily said than done. But I promise you there is better out there. I was once in a very similar situation to yours, and I stayed in it for 2 and 1/2 years because I was afraid I couldn't find anything better. Well, let me tell you, it gets better. Don't let yourself settle for mediocre.

So, now is when you have to decide if your relationship with this girl is something you want to work on. Can you see yourself being with her in 5 years? 10? 30? 50? If you have any doubt in answering 'yes,' it's time to move on, for the both of you. You don't want to be with someone you're not sure about, and she doesn't want someone who's going to half-a** the relationship. Best of luck to you man.



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