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website on search engines?
Hello, I just created a website to start a small business.
I want my website to pop up when key words are searched on search engines such as google and yahoo.

But this is my first time creating a website so I am not sure how to do it.
There was a option of putting my website on many search engines by paying $99/month
when I was creating my website but I did not purchase it.

Can someone teach me how to make my website appear on search engines?

And what determines which website goes on top of other websites when a key word is searched?


what you are looking for is an SEO or search engine optimizer. The price range can vary dramatically. look up on google seo, and sem tools.

as far as google's auto-complete it is generated by a 'cloud' of supercomputers all working together.

your location in the search engine results is organic (once u look past the adds) so your ranking is based on relevance to the words they searched and importance


Better dont go for inorganic website seo methods. search engines will penalize your website. Try doing it yourself. Follow the below guidelines.
1. Make sure your site is optimized. Because slow sites may get penalized from search engines. Read Top Tips to Speed Up website – Website and Blog Optimization in the below URL
2. After optimization you need to do some SEO activities to promote your site. Read from the below sources
A Guide to SEO. Best Practices and Optimization Starter Guide
3. If everything done you will see the results in Search engine results

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